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Project Description
You can now use C# server-side OAuth REST calls to interact directly with Messenger Connect (5.0) and Representational State Transfer. This example covers how to connect with Windows Live Messenger Connect via OAuth in a ASP.NET application.

Original PHP Code

This project is based upon Microsofts own PHP example Due to many requests I created this project to save you same time.


Create application in live connect application manager

Download our example application, and add your application settings

  1. In Globals.cs (Required)
  2. in Javascript.aspx (uses javascript call to connect wit windows live - Optional

Enjoy your OAuth Windows Live Connect 5.0 C# connectivity


This project became possible with the contribution of the following partners: 

Orbit One is a full-service solution provider located in Ghent, Belgium.

We are specialized in the development of websites and web applications using Microsoft.NET, SharePoint, Umbraco and Dynamics CRM technologies.

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